Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot and Hard to Get Concert Tickets

There are always a variety of concerts travelling through communities all over the world, many times we get the opportunity to beat the box office but other times we miss out on our favourite concert ticket sales and think they are SOLD OUT and we are out of luck. Here is a list of upcoming Hot Concerts that you can still find tickets to.
  1. U2 Tickets- World Tour Tickets
  2. AC/DC Tickets- Black Ice Tour
  3. Kings Of Leon Tickets
  4. Jonas Brothers Tickets- World Tour 2009
  5. Metallica Tickets- World Magnetic Tour
  6. The Tragically Hip Tickets- We are The Same Tour
  7. Fleetwood Mac Tickets- Unleashed
  8. Elton John Tickets-Red Piano Shows/Elton & Billy Joel & Bands
  9. Billy Joel Tickets
  10. KISS Tickets-Alive 35 Tour
This is only a list off the top 10 searched tickets at this point, there are many other concerts going on and tons of tickets available. To search for your favourite Concert Tickets click on either banner on the side of this post.

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