Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot and Hard to Get Concert Tickets

There are always a variety of concerts travelling through communities all over the world, many times we get the opportunity to beat the box office but other times we miss out on our favourite concert ticket sales and think they are SOLD OUT and we are out of luck. Here is a list of upcoming Hot Concerts that you can still find tickets to.
  1. U2 Tickets- World Tour Tickets
  2. AC/DC Tickets- Black Ice Tour
  3. Kings Of Leon Tickets
  4. Jonas Brothers Tickets- World Tour 2009
  5. Metallica Tickets- World Magnetic Tour
  6. The Tragically Hip Tickets- We are The Same Tour
  7. Fleetwood Mac Tickets- Unleashed
  8. Elton John Tickets-Red Piano Shows/Elton & Billy Joel & Bands
  9. Billy Joel Tickets
  10. KISS Tickets-Alive 35 Tour
This is only a list off the top 10 searched tickets at this point, there are many other concerts going on and tons of tickets available. To search for your favourite Concert Tickets click on either banner on the side of this post.

Top 10 Sport Ticket Requests

Many Sports tickets are requested every minute of everday but here is a list of the top 10 most requested sports tickets:
  1. 2010 Vancouver Olympics Tickets
  2. ATP World Tour Finals Tickets
  3. Baseball Tickets: Toronto Blue Jays Tickets, New York Yankee Tickets
  4. Hockey Tickets: Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs
  5. Football Tickets: Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. Worldcup Soccer Tickets
  7. WWE Tickets
  8. Boxing Tickets: Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Angel Cotto
  9. NFR Rodeo Tickets
  10. Kentucky Derby Tickets
There are numerous ticket to these events and more check it out following the links on the side bar.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Basketball Tickets

Basketball Tickets are at times hard to come by but now you can always find them even with short notice. If you are looking for WNBA Tickets, NCAA Tickets or the much sought after NBA Tickets, now you are able to attend the game of your dreams and watch all your favourite basketball players. Check out any of the 30 NBA Teams live you can find tickets to the Lakers Game or the Boston Celtics. Pick your favourite team and search for tickets today!! Don't miss out on another game because you can't find tickets, secure them tonight.

ShowTime Tickets

Football Tickets

If you are looking for Football Tickets, I have found a few websites that offer Football Tickets for any event or venue.
Grey Cup Tickets are still available for the event taking place in Calgary, AB Canada this year on Sunday Nov.29,2009 don't miss out on the action.
Super Bowl Tickets are within your reach, taking place Feb.7,2010 at the Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida.
NFL Ticketsare available for any team in any city leading up to the Super Bowl. With the NFL having the highest attendance rate of any team sport in the world, going to a game is sure to be a thrilling experience.
CFL Tickets are available for last minute purchase if you decide to attend a game to watch an all Canadian Sports league. For a unique and exciting sports experience check out a CFL Game.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Concert Tickets

Many concerts come through many towns, everything from small bands in small venues to more popular bands or groups in arenas. Regardless of the number of tickets released many times they sell out and we are unable to find them anywhere we look. It is heartbreaking when your favourite musician comes through town and you are stuck at home listening to the reviews of the concert the next day on the radio. There are a few websites in which even once sold out you can acquire concert tickets to your favourite musician. They work by people selling tickets they have bought and for whatever the reason are unable to go so they can sell them on ticket sights. Even before tickets go on sale sometimes you can buy them because of presales.
Here are 2 websites that you can acquire tickets from.

ShowTime Tickets

Hockey Tickets

The NHL Pre-Season Games have finished and it looks like this year should be a good hockey season. Sometimes hockey tickets are hard to come by especially Division games with your favourite NHL teams playing each other. One of my favourite Division games to watch is the Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks, it is always a fast paced hard hitting game. Usually these Hockey Tickets are hard to come by however there are a few ticket sites out there that almost always have any hockey tickets available at a variety of price points. If one site doesn't have any check out the other site, you will not be disappointed.
For NHL Tickets check either of these sites and search for your team.

ShowTime Tickets


I am creating this website to help people acquire any event tickets they wish to attend. I personally have missed out on my favorite concerts because I have not been able to find event tickets and I hope that never happens again. I will have up to date information on upcoming sporting events, music concerts, comedy shows and the Vancouver Olympics. Along with dates and locations and links to a variety of websites to help bring you all the information for entertainment events you may want to attend.